Project Based Learning

I discovered project-based learning from a post on a home education facebook group from which I followed a few links and came upon Lori Pickert’s blog. She has written a fantastic book (bought, and dog-eared from too much reading already!) about project-based home schooling. This approach to learning can be used not only by home educators, but also by anyone whose child shows a passionate interest in something. The focus is not on the subject of the project, although the learning inspired is also important and valid, but more on the process of learning: the research, the creation, the communication involved.

Having been inspired, I spent a few days watching and listening to Little Bear’s ramblings, and observing how he played. At the time he seemed to have two strong interests: trains and how his body works. I broached the idea of a project with him, explained as best as I could (he’s only three, so has a limited understanding of what is meant by ‘a project’) and he decided he wanted to find out more about his body. And so we began…

Have a look at the drop down menu to visit a page documenting each project we work through. I try to add to each project as they expand, and so they are a culmination of days, weeks and months work. You may not be reading about a finished project, just the project so far, so keep checking back!


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