Our week in pictures


Finally getting around to starting thank you cards!

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Lego life

This has been a week of Lego sorting and building. We have been considering moving all the Lego down to the play room for a long while now. The small bears both have lots, plus Daddy Bear’s from when he was a child, but for the most part it is hardly played with. Teddy will sometimes go up and potter in his room, but Little Bear prefers to stay downstairs and was missing out on all the glorious Lego-ing time. So downstairs it has all come.

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Fizz and slime

We kicked off our week with a walk around our local estate with a twig spotter sheet. Teddy insisted we visited the shop for “surprise eggs” to begin with (he loves to collect and line up the little toys hidden inside), then we wandered, looking at trees, for nearly an hour. We are fortunate that our estate has a wealth of different trees to discover, many of them on public land so we can get nice an close. I cheekily cut a few twigs as well, so we could take them back home to examine more closely. Back at the house, Little Bear completed a lovely drawing of a blackthorn twig, and identified many of the others using the sheet.

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An icy week…

This week has had a lot of ice in it. We had a couple of very cold days, but mostly the ice exploration was indoors. Little Bear had shown an interest in ice in puddles last week, so I followed this up with him by making thin slabs of ice with bits of grass, pebbles, leaves and mud in from the garden. Monday saw us pulling these out of the freezer and examining them on the light panel.  Continue reading


January 9, 2017

The New Year is upon us once again (and I am sure they come round quicker than they used to!) and with it comes more new beginnings. Here is the chance to restart, reset, reignite interests that got lost in the rush to create Christmas. Or to find some new interests. Here is how our first week of a new year has gone…

I can’t possibly miss out Teddy’s birthday. He turned four right at the end of the old year, and to celebrate we visited the steam trains. Teddy really enjoyed seeing a steam train run through our local station back in the autumn, which prompted some visits to the level crossing that Little Bear loves at a similar age. This time it was very exciting to actually ride one. We also watched another as it left the station in a cloud of atmospheric steam and a loud shriek from its whistle.

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What is important?

Have a think… what is important, in education, to you? What do you want your children to know? What do you want them to understand? Is there a particular subject that you would like them to do well at? Is there anything indispensible, any skill that you feel they must have in order to succeed? What lack of knowledge do you feel would present the greatest obstacle to their future success?

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