Learning Through Nature

Our journey as a home educating family has changed a lot since it began nearly three years ago. Once I had visions of sitting around a huge (imaginary) table in a huge (imaginary) kitchen, looking at books, writing creative and imaginative stories, solving complicated mathematical problems…

Now I have learned that vision is pretty unlikely to come true, and not only because I don’t own the table or kitchen. Little Bear is a pretty independently-minded small person. He knows what he likes, and he is very clear on what he doesn’t like. When he is enthused and interested, almost nothing can stop him from finding out more about a subject. But even the smallest whiff of an adult agenda and he is gone in an explosion of strong-minded, future-CEO clarity of thought. Teddy simply quietly ignores anything that he isn’t interested in.

The thing that has become our point of contact that we  all care about and all have interest in is the natural world around us. By this I mean that the small bears are almost always up for a romp in a meadow or a run through the woods. In the summer they potter through the undergrowth of our garden, in the winter they stamp on an crack the ice in puddles. They dig up worms, collect acorns, notice the buds appearing and the leaves falling. We can find just about everything we need through our exploration of nature. In nature we find fractals, patterns, colour, counting. We can read stories and pore over spotter guides. We watch the trees changing, the birds hunting for bugs, the stars shining above and the vegetables to growing. We explore how plants work, catch mini beasts and watch them change, we journal what we discover and ask questions about what we want to find out next.

This is the place you can look at what we do with nature as part of our home education journey. Have a look at the drop-down menu for updates of all our nature journals, the finds we place on our nature table and any other nature-based explorations.