About us!


I am Mama to two boys. We live what, to us, are pretty ordinary lives. We live with their Daddy, my husband, in an ordinary house, in an ordinary street that is not particularly rural not particularly urban. We go to the park, read books, play games, grumble about the washing up and never quite seem to tidy up everywhere. 

However, to others our family often seems anything but ordinary. Both boys are Autistic, have Sensory Processing Disorder and each has some form of Demand Avoidance. To outsiders we frequently seem to do things in a slightly unusual manner. We also home educate, which feels just ordinary to us as well!

Previously a teacher, I have been fascinated in education in all forms for many years. So it seems second nature to me to be writing about it now. This blog aims to show that there are many ways to live, to educate, to be, and each is interesting and valid in its own right. I want to promote further understanding and acceptance of the things that are so close to my heart, and in the heart of my family. 

I hope you enjoy reading.