Lego life

This has been a week of Lego sorting and building. We have been considering moving all the Lego down to the play room for a long while now. The small bears both have lots, plus Daddy Bear’s from when he was a child, but for the most part it is hardly played with. Teddy will sometimes go up and potter in his room, but Little Bear prefers to stay downstairs and was missing out on all the glorious Lego-ing time. So downstairs it has all come.

The downside to this is that then it needed sorting. A sizeable box has been sitting under the table in Teddy’s room, untouched because it is such a mishmash of pieces. Plus the box of partially dismantled sets and random pieces I just chucked in, and the box in Little Bear’s room… In the playroom we have set aside a unit specifically for Lego, and much of the start of this week has been spent  colour sorting it as this is how Little Bear prefers.

And finding all the right pieces so Teddy could build a helicopter.

And retrieving all the Lego Star Wars kits because Little Bear would prefer to keep all that in his room.

But finally, with a little help from Nana towards the end, it is done. We plan to buy a better unit to contain it all, but for now it is at least easier to use. Lots of building has happened as well. Teddy wanted a helicopter, and Little Bear has built a battle droid, and both have been dipping in and out, so I feel like moving it was the right thing to do.

To counteract the Lego, we’ve also been walking on a local hill, and found lots of mud, Old Man’s Beard, and mole hills. It felt good to be outside, and the weather was not too cold. Little Bear is convinced Spring is on its way, but we shall see! He found a feather, which we worked out was probably from a pheasant. When he got home he drew this wonderful drawing of a pheasant.


I am trying hard to get us all out and about a bit more, in the garden if not visiting somewhere. We have lots of work to do in the garden this year, clearing out the old vegetable planters as they are rotting, and filling up some newly acquired ones. Little Bear enjoys outside activities, gardening included, so I am expecting this to become a part of his life as the year warms up.


The middle of the week brought a visit to the library for book group with Little Bear, which was not really as successful as I would have liked. I think perhaps it is not the best group for him. It brought to mind how difficult he finds more social activities, and that the pressure to interact can get too much for him. Its a shame, as he enjoys books so much, but we can find activities more suited to him.

Teddy, on the other hand, was so happy to be able to go play rugby again. He has been asking about it since term broke up before Christmas, and the chance to run around in a slightly structured manner is so good for him.

Thursday saw us meeting friends at the park in the bitter cold. The children didn’t seem to mind it, but the mums were cold! Luckily this park had a little booth where we could buy coffee and hot chocolate. We hadn’t seen these friends for a good couple of months, so it was so nice to catch up with them. We’ve missed them a lot, and have made a plan to see more of them from now on.

Forest school is always enjoyed on Friday, and then Saturday was a little unusual as Daddy Bear had to work. This was the weekend of the Great Big Garden Bird Watch, so we drove over to Nana and Grandpa’s house where they get lots of birds. We saw blue tits, coal tits, long tailed tits, a bullfinch, a robin, and others. We also took a walk up the hill, and saw the first snowdrops of the year! It looks like Spring is indeed on the way.



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