Fizz and slime

We kicked off our week with a walk around our local estate with a twig spotter sheet. Teddy insisted we visited the shop for “surprise eggs” to begin with (he loves to collect and line up the little toys hidden inside), then we wandered, looking at trees, for nearly an hour. We are fortunate that our estate has a wealth of different trees to discover, many of them on public land so we can get nice an close. I cheekily cut a few twigs as well, so we could take them back home to examine more closely. Back at the house, Little Bear completed a lovely drawing of a blackthorn twig, and identified many of the others using the sheet.

Our fake snow was beginning to look a little worse for wear. It has been played with so m much over the last couple of weeks, on the light pad, burying dinosaurs, sprinkling all over the place… I decided to give it a final fizz with a bit of vinegar. Teddy did so well using the eye droppers to squirt coloured water in our ice experiment, I got them out again to use with coloured vinegar. Little Bear knew what was going to happen as soon as he smelt the vinegar, and asked to put the tub of fake snow on the light pad “to make it more beautiful”. Our fake snow was mostly bicarbonate of soda, and so as soon as the coloured vinegar touched it it began to fizz and bubble. Teddy was fascinated, and quickly became engrossed in covering the whole surface of the snow with bubbles. Little Bear enjoyed experimenting with the colours to see what new colours he could make. He is gradually building up an understanding of primary and secondary colours, so this helped him practise that knowledge a lot. And it was beautiful.

We have still had no real snow. Which is rather disappointing all round. However, I was determined we would still make snowflake cookies. Little Bear helped, enjoying the weighing and mixing, then helping to cut out the shapes. The next day, Nana and Grandpa visited, and Teddy iced a few to share with them. He loves covering things with ‘slime’, and this was no exception! Still hoping we might have a reason to make more before Spring!

Teddy has also been ‘sliming’ his dinosaurs with lots and lots of paint. Recently he has not been painting many pictures, but loves to cover objects with paint. He also loves to give them a bath afterwards and wash it all off again!

Last week we watched a programme about animals in Thailand which featured an impressively long snake. Little Bear requested we watch the next episode this week, and the final one as well when he realised it was available. He has been fascinated to discover more about the relationships between people and animals in this part of the world, and is keen to learn even more. Unfortunately it seems we don’t have many books about the animals mentioned, so we will need to remedy that.

Part of one episode about Thailand mentioned how some animals can see ultraviolet light. This prompted many discussions over the next few days about whether ultraviolet light really exists. Little Bear was skeptical, so we did a little research into the light spectrum. He knows that rainbows can be made be bending or refracting light, and I showed him how the rainbow is only the waves of light we can see, and that there is more in each direction that our eyes can’t see. A little research on my part discovered this home made spectroscope on the Buggy and Buddy blog, and we had a go at making one. Little Bear tested it under many different lights, looking for more rainbows.

Forest School restarted this week, on what turned out to be just about the coldest day of the year so far. We wrapped up cosily and headed over, and this week it was so busy! It was wonderful to watch so many children pottering, running, battling through the woodland so happily. And it was great to catch up with a few people we haven’t seen in a while. Little Bear loves forest school, spending most of it off somewhere I can’t see pretending to be a storm trooper with his friends. Teddy spent a lot of time this week with a dinosaur he discovered (of course!), giving it dinner and taking it on a walk. An afternoon filled with joy.


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