A Week in the Bear House – Day 7 – Monday

Last day of my challenge! I thought I would find it hard to write every day, but it hasn’t been so bad as I thought it would be. Fitting it in has been tricky, and I was behind uploading most of my posts, but I’ve done it!
If you missed the rest of the week, follow the links to read: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6

I was so pleased to get Teddy into bed straight from the car, but paid for it in the night with him up for three (three!) hours between 1am and 4am. And now he thinks it is time to go downstairs and start the day. Happily he wants to go downstairs with Daddy Bear, and I am not arguing. Little Bear is sound asleep in the main bed, and I snuggle in beside him.

I can hear the shower running, Teddy is counting something at the bottom of the stairs, and Little Bear is stirring beside me. Seems like it is time to get up. Daddy Bear is nearly ready to go to work, so I am going to have to take parent in charge role again. We decide not to bother switching the car seats back to my car, he wants to leave a bit early and I am not planning on going anywhere today. Little Bear is decidedly grumpy, none of the suggested breakfasts are good enough, Teddy keeps trying to play with his train track and he has a mysterious itch on his shoulder. I encourage Teddy upstairs to sort the never ending washing, and leave Little Bear to his Minecraft world for a bit.

I discover that Teddy’s new counting companions are a set of plastic penguins he has found. It reminds me of Little Bear when he was not much younger than Teddy is now, and the reason we bought the set of penguins: his fascination. At that time I was pregnant with Teddy, and not very well with it. We watched March of The Penguins every day for months, and various other penguin themed programmes. I dig out the DVD and put it on. Little Bear immediately snuggles up, and Teddy starts a penguin train game whilst occasionally announcing “penguins!” We have a snack and chat about penguins, Little Bear remembers a lot of what we talked about all those years ago. I discover that Teddy can count backwards. When did he learn that?!

The March of the Penguins has finished. Teddy has moved into the playroom to bury things in the sand and Little Bear is talking about how they got film of penguins in such a cold place. We start the ‘how they did this’ mini film from the extras on the DVD, but he loses interest quite quickly. I head into the kitchen to clear up and make some lunch, and he puts on Jungle Book 2.

Teddy decides he wants to go to bed for a bit, so he and I snuggle down with an iPad whilst Little Bear finishes watching Jungle Book 2. Not for long, though, and he comes looking for us. The small bears have a bit of a bounce on Teddy’s bed, and a wrestle, then we head back downstairs again.
I am becoming very aware that our new carpets will be fitted in just two weeks, and the living room is full of books CDs and toys. It is time to start clearing out. I spend a while sorting out the CDs (we have hundreds, and so alphabetical order is the only way to find any!) then pack them into boxes. I plan to start dismantling the units later. Little Bear spends the time building a train track and telling me all about the two trains that travel on it. There is a lot of chat about exactly how long 300m or 60 km actually is, and how fast the trains go. Teddy is watching Octonauts and playing with the stacking dolls.

Time for a break. I have a cuppa and the small bears have a snack, then Little Bear and I play Crazy 8s and Donkey. He is really getting into simple card games, and it gives him some great practice at being a good winner or loser. Teddy starts pottering in the playroom, organising the animals in a line and grouping them by colour and type. Little Bear shows me the shelf he is organising with the things he is interested in right now. It mostly has books about Romans and Greeks and the body, the magnetic numbers arranged on a board, and his bug collecting paraphernalia. It is very interesting to see what he considers to be his current interests, I’m hoping he continues to add and take away from his shelf. Perhaps eventually Teddy would like one too…

Battle ensues over the train track. Teddy would like to play, but he wants a particular train that Little Bear does not want on the track. He also keeps getting in the way of Little Bear’s train. Sometimes negotiating their arguments can feel like a full time job on its own, and I am exhausted afterwards. But dinner must be made, and so I get on with it. Little Bear helpfully feeds the cat, and Teddy waits in his chair. He must be hungry.

Dinner eaten, kitchen cleared up, and Little Bear wants a new train track. I help him to build a lovely complicated one, and we race trains around it. Teddy is lining up the houses from the little wooden village Daddy Bear found to go with the track. I watch him for a bit as he counts to ten and back, over and over again. It is obviously his new thing to keep practising. I move over to him, and he immediately gets very snuggly. I suggest bed and he is off upstairs. I get him milk, and we snuggle in for stories. He is asleep before 6:30.

Little Bear has set up HeroQuest in his room, and is busy playing his Dragons game. I tidy up a bit as I am worried he is going to stand on Lego or HeroQuest pieces in the night and hurt his feet. We agree that I will come back at 7:30. I quickly vacuum around, catch up with my blog, and have a chat with Daddy Bear as he comes in from work. Going back up, Little Bear is a bit reluctant to leave his game, but agrees he is tired. We snuggle down and read a bit more of The Twits before turning out the light. He likes to chat a bit in the dark, and we have a little circular conversation about when it might be okay to open the Christmas presents he knows are in the house. Must hide them better. Then he is asleep.

I do a little tidying up, then settle down to watch QI and do some sewing. Then bed.


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