A Week in the Bear House – Day 6 – Sunday

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Usually Sunday is a very chilled day, mostly spent at home, often with a walk in the woods in the afternoon. I get a much-needed lie to catch up from Teddy’s atrocious sleep patterns (he likes to wake up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night and chat), Daddy Bear cooks a roast, and it is just lovely.

This Sunday, though, we are heading two hours up the country to visit relatives for the day as it is Great Nana’s birthday. This means getting the small bears dressed and breakfasted at a reasonable time, packing up some toys and the iPad, making sure we all have coats hats and gloves, switching the car seats from one car to another and preparing plenty of snacks as food is notoriously slow to appear when we visit these relatives. We pile into the car and go. Teddy falls asleep after an hour. Little Bear starts to get worried about who will be there, what we will eat, and starts to pick random arguments, so I give him the iPad and he settles into Minecraft for a bit.

When we arrive, we discover that Great Nana has been taken to hospital with a suspected stroke, and Grandad has gone with her. No one seems overly concerned, which seems a little strange, until we discover that some were out at a party until 5am and are probably still a little alcohol-y, and the rest started on the white wine about an hour ago.

The small bears settle in to playing. Daddy Bear’s cousin’s children are here as well, and the four of them get on relatively well. Little Bear and the older of the boys take the dog for a walk in the large garden. Little Bear loves dogs, and has been asking for one for nearly two years. Unfortunately our cat would not be best pleased if a dog arrived in the house, so he will have to manage with playing with other peoples’ for now. Teddy finds three model aeroplanes, and carries them around for the rest of the visit.

The rest of us settle in to chatting, getting lunch (pasta Bolognese and pizza) and texting Grandad for updates. The small bears jump on the trampoline, and have to be persuaded in as it is getting dark. And then Great Nana comes back. She is fine, no stroke, but for some reason has a very sore neck. It seems very mysterious, but considering she is 93 is maybe just one of those things.

Great Auntie finds some sparklers, and the small bears make shapes in the dark on the patio. Little Bear is nervous of the sparkles, but too intrigued to miss out. Teddy just wants to grab hold and has to be restrained. We decide quite quickly afterwards that it is time to go. The small bears have done so well, but after a meltdown from Little Bear Teddy starts asking to go back in the car and trying to get out of the door. We say our good byes and head out.

Teddy falls asleep again in the car, and I worry that I am going to be up late into the night trying to persuade him to go to bed. My lack of sleep catch-up time is bothering me and my eyes are already droopy. But when we get back I manage to pop him straight into his bed. With just a little grumbling about being disturbed, he turns over and goes back to sleep.

Little Bear is hungry, and we realise that tea never materialised. Daddy Bear rustles up a quick omelette, and Little Bear is happy to go to bed. We read a bit more of The Twits, he snuggles down and is asleep quickly. I am exhausted, and head to my bed as well. I am always happy to be home educating, but tonight I am particularly pleased that tomorrow we can just relax.


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