A week in the Bear House – Day 3 – Thursday

I’ve never been the most regular of bloggers (haha!) so I am really proud that I have got as far as Day 3 in our week of home education. Follow the links to Day 1 and Day 2.

Teddy has a lie in! Then he and I get up and go downstairs. He watches some Abney and Teal, and I do a little more sewing until he starts to call for porridge.

Teddy is a little disappointed that Little Bear isn’t up yet to eat porridge with him, but he and I have breakfast together and wonder what we will do today. Then he goes back for more Abney and Teal whilst I clear up and make coffee.

Daddy bear gets up. Teddy has Octonauts on the television, Little Bear has eaten his breakfast and is playing Angry Birds on the iPad. I have a chat with Daddy Bear, then take advantage of the peace to check my emails when he heads into the bathroom.

Little Bear and I are dressed, the food shopping arrives, and Daddy Bear goes out to work. The small bears settle down with toys, and I set a nature study handbook I found printing. We love to go for walks, and the Little Bear in particular is very interested in the changes of the seasons, studying bugs and collecting twigs, feathers and other bits and pieces (and then not letting me throw any of it out, ever!) This handbook is a nature curriculum, created by another home educator, with ideas for nature walks and looking a bit closer at what is out there in the natural world. I doubt we will follow it strictly, but it is nice to have a bit of a focus for when we go out sometimes. If you think this is something your child might be interested in, the PDF for the nature study handbook can be found here.

The small bears are still happily playing. Little Bear has moved onto sand, enjoying letting ito run through his fingers. Teddy is getting out jigsaws, something he loves to do everyday, and I help him get the pieces out and sit with him whilst he does some. He doesn’t really need me, so after a while I go and get some laundry on.

Little Bear needs me to help him get out the car mat and the garage, and sets up a complicated arrangement of cars and other vehicles with the wooden garage. I sit near doing some planning for Advent and flicking through the newly printed nature study book. Teddy wants to play cars too, but Little Bear is worried he will spoil what he is doing. I spend a little time trying to negotiate between them, then take Teddy and the iPad upstairs with me for a bit to read stories and watch Cars whilst I hang up washing.

Little Bear wants to work some more on his clay model of the Polar Express whilst I cook dinner and listen to the radio. The other day he noticed the big radio transmitter tower not far from here whilst we were out, and now he starts asking lots of questions about how a radio works. I can’t answer many of them, but I jot them down and suggest we look up the answers after we have eaten.

Little Bear and I eat lunch (Teddy isn’t interested yet, and carries on playing). The questions move on to trains. We watched a film about the Trans-Siberian railway last week, and now Little Bear would like to find out about the Orient Express. Again, I note down the questions I can’t answer, and start hunting for films.

Little Bear and I start watching some films about the Orient Express. I have found a short clip from Blue Peter with one presenter pretending to be a rich passenger and the other the steward. Little Bear is interested, but finds it hard to follow their pretending. I find a film of David Suchet travelling on the Orient Express. It has a lot of references to Agatha Christie and Poirot (of course!) but he watches the whole 50 minutes of it, then together we plot the route the Orient Express followed on the film on his giant map which already has the Trans-Siberian Railway plotted on it.
Teddy eats his dinner, then takes himself to bed with the iPad to watch Cars 2. He would quite like me to join him, and I do on and off, but Little Bear also wants me. This is one of the things I find really hard about having two children. They either both want me at the same time or not at all!

I help Little Bear build a train track, then leave him naming trains: the Amazon Express and Australian Express. He describes the route, and I suggest he draws a map, but he prefers to just play for a bit. I settle down with Teddy, still in his bed, and watch Abney and Teal. Then we get up and play with cars in his room until Little Bear comes to find us.

One of Little Bear’s close friends started school in September, and he has been very worried that she won’t be his friend any more. It is partly for this reason, and partly to help out her parents, that we have an arrangement to collect her from school every other Thursday. It is nice for Little Bear to see his friend regularly, and gives me a little time to devote to Teddy whilst they are busy.

All three children get busy making sticking pictures. We keep a large printers tray with all the compartments filled with interesting bits and pieces (pasta, lentils, leaves, sequins, cut up straws, etc). I add some glitter sprinklers and shiny card, and they are off.

Little Bear and his friend decide they want to play in the garden. I point out it is getting dark, but I think that is part of the lure! They poke around in the piles of pruning that is still waiting to burned, hoping to find hedgehogs, and debate how to reach the last couple of apples on the tree. Then they have a bounce on the trampoline, discover it gets their socks wet and come back in. Socks off, they go up to Little Bear’s room, and do something involving lots of thumping and bumping. Later Little Bear tells me they were playing Lego, and his friend say it was schools, so it is a mystery what they were up to!
Teddy and I play with the trains. He makes a really long one and discovers it can’t go as fast as he would like without falling off the track.

Little Bear’s friend goes home, and we have some tea.

It is time to tidy up a bit. Teddy gets out his jigsaws again, and Little Bear produces a book about Romans he has found. We read about half of it, until Teddy gets too disruptive to continue. He wants to go upstairs, and so we go to start getting ready to bed.

Both small bears are in their PJs, and snuggled into Teddy’s bed to look at books and drink milk. We read Sharing a Shell and Tip Tap Went the Crab. Then Teddy wants his light off, and Little Bear goes to play Minecraft in his room.

Little Bear looks very tired, although he says he isn’t. A second cup of milk and a snuggle in his bed helps. We read the rest of his Romans book, and then read it again. Then he ‘reads’ it to me, and I get an idea of what he has taken in. We visited a Roman Villa excavation in Chedworth about a year ago, and I am surprised to hear how much he remembers from it. Once he is ready to settle down, we turn off the light. It takes him a while to settle tonight, but eventually he drops off.

Daddy Bear and I have a nice glass of wine and catch up with The Apprentice together. Then it is time for me to head off to bed as well.


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