A week in the Bear House – Day 2 – Wednesday

Here is our continuation of a week following how we home educate. If you missed the first post, find it here.

Teddy is up, but he wants to spend some time with Daddy Bear, so I get to sleep a bit longer.

Drag myself out of bed, bringing Little Bear with me. I make coffee, put on the porridge, and look up directions for where we are going today.

We eat breakfast together and chat a little about our plans for the day. Then the small bears go to play for a bit whilst I clear up. Teddy gets the cars out and I help him to spread out the mat and get the wooden garage down. Little Bear settles with the sand, sprinkling dry sand on top of a model gup. After a while he switches to the iPad to play Dragons.

Daddy goes to work, and I head upstairs to tidy the beds and get dressed. Today we are going to a relaxation studio that has a lovely sensory room, so I pack up my bag with snacks and the things we will need. I check the map, hoping I can navigate through the city without getting lost for once.

We leave for our group. We have to drive into the city, and the boys snack on the way. I actually manage to get there without getting lost, so we are early. The small bears have a lovely time playing with the lights and sensory toys, and talking to the pet chinchillas. Or ‘mouse’ as Teddy is insistent on calling them.

We arrive back home. Little Bear goes to play SIMs on the iPad whilst I make beans on toast. Then we settle down for something to eat.

Over lunch, we talk about what the small bears would like to do this afternoon. Little Bear would like to use playdough, and I pull out the box. I find modelling clay in the box, and Little Bear decides to use this instead. He makes a model Polar Express train with a jewel for a light. Teddy uses the clay tools and a car to make marks in his clay.

After a while, Teddy loses interest in the clay and goes back to the cars. Little Bear makes an engineer for his train, then asks for water to play with. We get out the big tub, and he fills it with pebbles, shells, a dolphin, a shark and an octopus. He creates a wonderful reef and tells me how the animals live on it together. We chat about food chains and how different animals rely on each other to survive. For a short time, the small bears watch Abney and Teal together on the iPad.

Little Bear and I build a complicated train track, on which he sets as many trains going as possible. I go to hunt for Teddy and find him playing in the water with the dolphin and the shark. He has added a whale shark (his favourite creature) to the mix, and an Octonauts adventure seems to be taking place.

The boys play with the train track whilst I clean up the water, take the opportunity to wash the floor, and make dinner. Amazingly they play alongside each other for more than half an hour! Then they watch Octonauts on the iPad for 15 minutes or so before arriving in the kitchen wondering when they can eat.

Dinner is on the table and the bears are tucking in. They then head back to the train track whilst I clear up. We get out a couple of jigsaws, and Teddy does the Melissa and Doug letter match boards (we do like Melissa and Doug toys!). Little Bear is rather bouncy, but eventually calms down and we head up the stairs.

Little Bear gets into his PJs whilst Teddy listens to Peter Rabbit on his CD player and they both eat bananas. I help Teddy into PJs, brush teeth, and we settle in for some stories. Tonight Little Bear joins us too. He wants to read a book about a sea rescue on the Isle of Wight. We also read Dear Zoo and sing The Wheels on the Bus many times. Eventually Teddy is ready to settle down to sleep, and Little Bear goes off to his room with the iPad.

Teddy is sleeping and Daddy Bear is home playing HeroQuest with Little Bear. I quickly run the vacuum cleaner through the (rather sandy) playroom and living room. We are looking forwards to getting new carpets in a couple of weeks, these are looking very threadbare and grotty.
I am tutoring tonight, something I do to make that little extra bit of money, so Daddy Bear is in charge of bedtime.

My tutee has gone home, so I head upstairs where Little Bear would really like a cuddle with Mummy Bear before going to sleep. He is snoozing quickly, so the evening is mine before 9:15. I catch up with my sewing, which I need to finish in the next couple of days, and go up to bed.


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