On this day… 21st July 2015

On this day…

… We visited the park (which we love).

…Teddy had a nap whilst Little Bear watched ‘Sea Monsters’ with me. He is really interested in all kinds of sea life at the moment, especially the predatory kind.

…Little Bear drew an ironing board shark, and researched sharks for a while.20150721_143443

… Teddy played with dried rice – he liked to bury his toy car and recite the bit from Octonauts and the Sea Pigs when Kwazii is searching for Tunip.

… Little Bear watched Dragons and a programme about the lives of a family of Coelophysis.


… Teddy did some painting. I have been offering two colours and white for a while now, giving him the opportunity to explore colour mixing. Today he had blue and red to make purple, and white.

… Little Bear found a Leopard moth in the grass. He drew it, and tried to look it up in his book but it was not there. Instead we found it using the keyword search at UKMoths. Having discovered it likes to eat the wood of deciduous trees, he asked me to put it high in the apple tree. 20150721_161710


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