On this day… 17th July 2015

(should have published this last night, oops!)

On this day…

…Little Bear drew sharks for this month’s quilt square (there will be more about this project in a few weeks)


…Teddy practised his fine motor skills with straws, pipecleaners and colanders. He liked pushing the straws all the way through the holes in the colander until they disappeared.

…Mama Bear spent way too much money on a new calendar, planner AND diary (but they will be so useful!)


…the small bears released a dragon and a whale shark from their bicarbonate of soda eggs (see where I got the idea from here!)

20150717_135324 20150717_135630

…Little Bear and I played Guess Who

…not forgetting plenty of Minecraft, Octonauts, Riders of Berk, Miniscule and playing with dragons.


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