A coconut: so simple, so much fun!

Teddy loves Octonauts, particularly the episodes about crabs. The other day he watched the one with the Coconut Crabs about five times in a row, and then Little Bear began wondering about coconuts. Specifically, he wondered if he could have a cannonball that he could wrap up in coconut skin and then put things inside, but failing that I bought a coconut. It arrived with our food order, and was spotted almost immediately. Little Bear pounced, and the day began.

The first thing they needed to do was shake it up, to find out what could be inside, and were excited to discover they could hear something! Little Bear then spent about half an hour trying various methods to crack it open: he threw it down the stairs, hit it with a stone, whacked it on the patio, hit it with a large stick… Teddy had a go as well, and I listened to them chatting to each other (you need to imagine both of them talking at the same time…)


Little Bear: “Teddy, it’s like a large nut and it’s got a special kind of milk called coconut milk in it. It’s also kind of hard. You can’t crack it open with a toy dolphin, Teddy! Really you need a hammer…”

Teddy: “Oh, coconut, Little Bear! What coconut, Little Bear? Is large. Is round. [gasp] Oh coconut! Is mine coconut and is Little Bear coconut. Hmmm…. is coconut!”

Over the course of the day Little Bear drew the coconut, watched a film about cracking open coconuts, tasted coconut milk (neither of them liked it much!), finally got to hit it with a hammer, and tasted the flesh inside (he didn’t like that either). I scooped out the flesh, and the boys played with the coconut shell halves for much of the rest of the day. Teddy enjoyed clopping them together and exclaiming how coconutty they were, whereas Little Bear was interested in what he could fit inside. Both tried the shell halves in their water play, fitting them together and pulling them apart.


It is amazing how much can be done with just one small interest. 







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