baby play space

I’ve written before that Teddy Bear is very keen on getting into all of Little Bear’s play. He tends to get in the way a bit, and spoil Little Bear’s games a lot of the time, so I have created a little space for him to try and keep him occupied and away from the big kids stuff.


Here it is, just a small corner of our living room. Its a shame I didn’t think of this earlier. Teddy is pretty mobile now, but this would have been a gorgeous space to play in for a static baby. Hey ho…


The mat on the floor is new this weekend. A lovely friend of ours made it especially for him, and it is so squishy and inviting. We love the farm pictures, and have been using the larger sized animals on it as a start to a bit of baby imaginative play.


The long mirror is Teddy’s favourite bit. Whenever he is plonked or crawls into his space, the first thing he does is coo and babble at the baby in the mirror, then he pulls it down to check the other side. Our mirror is a lightweight plastic one with a soft surround and backing (from Ikea a few years back).

The book in the picture is also a favourite, a freebie from Bookstart when Little Bear was a baby, and also has a mirror in it. It is such a shame Bookstart has all but fizzled out now. It was a fantastic resource and a great way to encourage the sharing of books with babies and young children. The current Bookstart Bear passport system at the library is quite a disappointment in comparison… But that is another post.


Back to Teddy’s play space. He has a little basket of books to choose from, which he does like to empty out. He loves the Playtime Teddy book with the teddy bear puppet: I think he thinks it is a real live creature!

DSC_0014   DSC_0038#1

This is Teddy’s box of toys. I like to pull a couple out each day as invitations to play, but the box is always left open for him (or Little Bear) to root in. We like sturdy, wooden, open-ended toys, and tend to avoid electronic flashing lights and noise if we can.


My favourite part: the treasure basket. I’ll post more about these at a later date, but the basic idea is a range of every day, interesting objects for a baby to explore and discover. The only rules are minimal plastic, and check frequently for safety.

So there it is, Teddy’s play space. He has begun to head in there most mornings when he first comes down, and is easily encouraged to spend a little time in there when sharing becomes a bit much for Little Bear. In fact, they both like to settle down and play quietly a few times a day.

If you are interested in creating your own play space for a baby, have a look at these as well. The Imagination Tree as always (I covet their sheepskin), or Childhood 101.


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